There are a few options to consider before booking studio time.
If you are unsure on how to get the best result for your project, don't hesitate to email:

The amount of time you need to book in is purely down to how confident you feel you know your material.
Before entering the studio, ensure that you're well rehearsed, your instruments are serviced beforehand & you let me know if there is anything you need.
This will help achieve the greatest results.

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Multi Track Recording

This process consists of recording all the instrumentation separately.
It is often the way to achieve the "cleanest" sound, as you are able to separate the sound sources from one an other, thus giving more control in the final mix.

This requires the band to be able to play all their parts as separate musicians.
(Usually along with a metronome).

Recording order E.g:
Guitar guides.
Vocals etc.

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Live Recording

If you're used to playing live and don't feel comfortable recording separately.
The live room can be set up as a rehearsal space with microphones on each source to capture the essence of your project without loosing any feeling.

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Combining both techniques  previously mentioned, we can capture more than one instrument at the same time. E.g Drums & Bass guitar. (Rhythm section)
Then move onto guitars and continuing onto vocals until all sources are captured.

This is a way to save time but still retain separation for higher clarity in the mix.