The Noise Cabin is a bespoke project recording studio with a 24 track digital recording system,
running Logic Pro X and utilising high-end analogue modeled plugins for dynamics processing.

Some of the bands/artists that have tracked here include:
The Infernal Sea, Casket Feeder, Sidious, Nervewrecker, Völniir, FES, Obongjayar.

In this day and age, many people are able to track guitars, bass and vocals at home at a relatively low level.
The issue I find many people having is capturing a decent drum sound.
Being a drummer myself, I specialise in, but am not limited to, recording, editing and processing drums.

The studio is available for multi-tracking, live tracking, editing, guitar/bass re-amping mixing and mastering.

For any enquires please use the contact tab or email:

All genres welcome.

Thanks for visiting!

Below is a video of the process involved in the making of The Noise Cabin.